5 Reasons to Start Meal Prepping

Social media makes it look trendy, but is meal prepping really worth it? Yes. 

We all strive to live healthy, fit and well-balanced lives. But let’s be honest, we all get busy! Meal prepping is a great way to set yourself up for the week and save you from the stress of having to frantically look for something to chow down on. Here are five reasons why you should consider meal prepping:  

1. It Saves Money

Hearing your grand total is over $80 for a weeks worth of food can be a shock. The price seems high but in reality meal prepping can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Think about it. An average meal at a fast food chain can cost about $7 (or more) and that price increases if you dine in at a local restaurant. Let’s calculate the cost for just eating out during lunch and dinner hours. 

$7 x 2 meals per day x 7 days a week = About $98 spent weekly from eating out

This doesn’t include snacking, eating out for breakfast or meals that budget over the average $7 cost. Meal prepping prevents you from dialing your favorite pizza place down the street when you don’t feel like cooking on a Tuesday after work.

Saying no to eating out will save your pocket. 

2. Eating Healthy Becomes Simple

When you prep your meals for the week you are more in touch with what ingredients you are putting into your body. You have full control over your food combinations. Actively being apart of deciding what does and what does not go into your weekly meals helps you keep your waistline in check! Healthy body means a healthy mind. 

3. Two Words: Portion Control 

Portion control is CRUCIAL to weight loss and meal prepping. Eating healthy food is great but just like anything else, overindulgence will not give you the results you are looking for.  Meal prepping helps you control the amount of food you are eating during each course. 

4. Waste Less Food

I’m sure we are all a victim to letting certain foods sit in our fridge and go to waste because we never had the energy to cook it. Well, when you plan out exactly what you are going to need for your weekly meals you won’t have extra produce that sits around unused.

Make a checklist of every ingredient you will need for your daily dishes. When you set a firm plan you are less likely to overbuy. That way when you finish your cooking no item will be left untouched.  

5. Save Time and Eliminate Stress

This is the big ticket. That 4-hour day of grocery shopping and cooking may seem unappealing, but during the week you will be thankful. Let’s say you spend 2-3 hours cooking on the weekend. Now, let’s look at what you would be doing during the week.

Average 20 min cook time x 3 meals a day x 7 days per week = 420 minutes

When you plan out your meals on the weekend and cook in bulk, you remove both the time you spend thinking about what to make and the time it takes to actually cook the meal during your day. This eliminates the stress before work or heading out for your day. When you already have food packed, you grab and you go. 

So, have I convinced you yet? 

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  1. Just M.E. says:

    First I love the name of your blog and second this is a very very good post


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