Multimedia Writing

I have written several pieces that range from hard-news feature stories to product development ideas for a company. 

Product News Release

The Museum of Broken Relationships travels, with the purpose of cherishing heartbreaking stories and symbolic possessions, to different cities worldwide. The museum, showcased in Houston, was funded by Kickstarter. This news release promotes the new product and is aimed at news media outlets via email to inform the community of the upcoming exhibition (this scenario was given in a multimedia writing class). 

Executive Summary 

Students were asked to create a public relations campaign that introduced either a new product or strategy that would increase brand awareness. Aimed at Dunkin’ Donuts, this summary includes a SWOT analysis, research and execution methods for a new collaboration proposal for the corporation.  

VO & VOSOT for Broadcasting

Written as practice for broadcast writing, this VO & VOSOT were written based on a news feature story provided. All information was given prior to writing. 

Profile Story

Paired randomly with a student at the University of Florida, students were given one week to contact their student, conduct an interview and write a profile story. After working with classmate, Victor Prieto, this story was written to highlight his success in high school as the director of sports broadcasting operations. 

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